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How many people can your boats take out on a charter?

All of our boats while for hire are considered United States Coast Guard (USCG) occupied uninspected vessels (OUPV for short).  What this means is that even though the vessels themselves could safely carry upwards to 15-20 passengers, we are limited to only 6 paying passengers while for hire per USCG OUPV laws.  What this means for you is plenty of space for your party of 6 aboard these safe, stable, regulated licensed and insured charter boats.

Can I bring food and beverages on board the boat?

YES! We encourage you to bring whatever food and beverages you and your guests would like to have on board during your charter.  We can have a large cooler and ice available to stow your goods for the trip if you do not bring one.  If you are fishing we recommend bringing a cooler for your car to bring home your cleaned and packaged catch!

What if I need to cancel my booking?

Any booked trip can be cancelled by contacting SS Charters Chicago in advance for a full refund of deposit, no less than 7 days in advance of scheduled departure date.  Any cancellation within 7 days of departure the deposit is non-refundable.  

What happens if a charter is cancelled during a trip?

If a charter is cancelled due to unforseen poor weather conditions or mechanical problems, your trip will be rescheduled at no additional cost.  

  Any charter cancelled by the Captain due to unruly or heavily intoxicated passengers or unsafe passenger practices will be immediately returned to the dock, and NO refund will be issued.

***Any damage to the vessel due to intoxicated or unruly passenger behavior will be the responsibility of the person securing the booking.

What do I need to bring for my fishing charter?

First and foremost each person fishing MUST possess a valid Illinois fishing license and salmon stamp, available for sale on the boat the day of your charter if needed.  After that make sure to dress for the weather!  It is best to layer clothing to be best dressed for all weather conditions.  Bring RAINGEAR!!!! We will fish in the rain!  We will only cancel due to unsafe water conditions and storm activity.  

  Make sure to bring plenty of food/snacks and beverages for your party.  You can bring coolers and bags, or we also will have a coooler with ice on board for you to use.  Don't forget at least a small cooler to bring home your filleted and packaged fish.  

I'm not sure if I get sea sick. I have not been on a big lake before, what can I do to prevent sea sickness?

First remember prevention is the best method for treating motion sickness.  Simple tips to keep in mind are: limit your alcohol intake the previous day, stay hydrated the day before and day of your trip, avoid heavy/greasy meals prior to your trip,choose a place on the boat that will limit effects of motion sickness (your Captain can advise where is best). You can also try over the counter motion sickness medications widely available.  Check with your doctor or pharmacist for these options and best times to take these medications prior to a trip.  All attemtps will be made to make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible, however sometimes we have to contend with mother nature and cannot control all outside factors. 


Is tipping the crew customary?

It is by no means required or ever asked of by crewmates. However if you feel that you received excellent service from your crew, you can absolutely show your appreciation in the form of a tip.  Like any other service industry a 10%-20% gratuity is totally based upon the services provided and the decision of the customer.  

How should I dress for my charter?

That depends on the trip you booked.  If you are fishing dress for the weather in layers.  Remember we will be heading offshore so weather conditions can be different than dockside.  Rain gear is a great thing to have as we will fish in the rain, just not unsafe storm weather.  

  For all other charters dress comfortable, but most importantly flat bottom soft sole non-marking shoes.  NO HEELS or dress type shoes.  Decks can be slippery when wet and your safety is important to us.  


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